René Staud "Mercedes-Benz - The Grand Cabrios & Coupés"

René Staud "Mercedes-Benz - The Grand Cabrios & Coupés"
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  • 978-3-8327-3293-6
Open this glorious photo book and experience the classic Mercedes-Benz convertibles and... more
Product information "René Staud "Mercedes-Benz - The Grand Cabrios & Coupés""
  • Open this glorious photo book and experience the classic Mercedes-Benz convertibles and the newest models in such realistic detail, you’ll want to touch them
  • Elegantly-staged cars that made automotive history
  • Breathtaking curves that make “driving topless” a delight

Nothing says summer like driving a convertible. The car without a roof has always been a symbol for luxury and laissez-faire. And it still holds true today: everybody who’s anybody drives “topless.” The larger four-seater convertibles in particular have always been highly sought after—but they are difficult to build and have usually been made as coupés for this reason. Mercedes-Benz has always been a pioneer in this area. Mercedes-Benz: The Grand Cabrios & Coupés gives us a peek at the long-standing partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Stuttgart-based photographer, René Staud. Carefully staged photos show graceful curves and precision down to the finest details that convey the company’s dedication to a very special kind of driving pleasure. This volume presents the most important convertibles and related coupes from 100 years of Daimler automotive history. A special highlight is Daimler’s new flagship, a convertible based on the new S-class that is being rolled out at the 2015 IAS. Even though summer eventually comes to an end, and sunny days can give way to showers, this book stands for everlasting convertible adventures.

Photographer René Staud made a breakthrough with the development of his Magicflash® lighting technology; this type of surface lighting helps him greatly in his ad photos for top-shelf automakers. Staud and his team continue to develop new ways to meet the highest demands of the industry in both creativity and service. He has amassed 35 years of experience in ad photography; and has literally built the image of many companies with his photos.


Hardcover,11 2/5 x 14 1/2 in, 304 pp

160 color and 35 b/w photographs

ISBN: 978-3-8327-3293-6

Text: Chinese, German, English

René Staud meets Porsche October 11, 2018 at 8:00 pm Porsche is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and none other than René Staud witnessed the evolution of the extraordinary automobiles and masterly captured it with his camera. As part of a lecture, René Staud will give an insight into his work as a photographer and in his latest book project "911 Millennium - Exclusive Collector's Edition" . Over 4 decades, his pictures have shaped and influenced the car industry and its perception - this book combines unique photos of the Porsche 911 in all its colors and variety. And Stauds master tool: the Leica! The Leica Gallery presents a selection of photographs which is put together for the evening exclusively.... mehr