Return process in case of a withdrawal: 

1. If you return ordered items within the scope of your withdrawal right, please contact the Leica Store Frankfurt at

2. You will, at your choice by email or post, receive the return label for a return delivery via UPS. Once you have received the return label, please proceed as follows:


3. Return options

3.1. Collection: UPS offers two options for requesting a "prepaid" collection. See items A and B. 


Among other things, the following details need to be stated:

* Number of packages

* Total weight

* Type of service "UPS Standard"

* Collection address

The UPS customer number does not have to be entered.


Collection is free of charge for you. 


A Internet:


Please order the collection on the Internet at:

In Section 1 (questions on the shipping label) please enter the tracking number stated on the return label in the optional field.

Free return is possible only if this tracking number is entered.

Then, please enter all further collection information.

For tracing the shipment, please print the collection request or note down the collection request number.


B Telephone:

For scheduling a collection date, please call the UPS Center at telephone number 01806-882 663.

Fixed-line network: 20 cents per call incl. VAT;

Mobile phone: 60 cents per call incl. VAT.

Select Option 1 for a personal operator

Important note: Please also state the tracking number. Free return is possible for final customers of Leica Camera only if this tracking number is stated.

For tracing the shipment, please ask for the collection request number and note it down.


3.2. Alternative to collection: 

If none of the above-stated two options for collecting a return shipment is suitable for you, you can also personally hand over the return consignment at one of the numerous UPS return stations. However, this will be possible only if you have an already pre-printed UPS return delivery form with the corresponding tracking number (starting with 1ZF902Y8xxxxxxx).

For this purpose, please use the following link for searching the UPS locations.

Here, please tick "search delivery point" and enter your postal code.


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