Workshop mit Fulvio Bugani - A PERSONAL VISION: Space, lights, colors and people

18. Oktober - 20. Oktober 2018

Fulvio Bugani started working as a photographer in 1995. After a close collaboration with major photo studios of Bologna, he founded his own studio in 1999 – Foto Image.

Bugani has been a freelance professional photographer for over 20 years, working with associations and NGOs. Among other recognitions, in 2015 he was awarded at the World Press Photo, for his work about Indonesian Transgender. While in 2016 his reportage about Cuba was selected as one of the 12 finalists at the Leica Oskar Barnack Award.

He has been chosen by Leica as its International Leica Ambassador for the new Leica M10, and has worked for important international brand and artists.

In this workshop Fulvio Bugani will convey how to develop a personal vision and the learning of advanced techniques on the interpretation of light, the use of shadows, the complexity of the composition and the coexistence of different planes in the image.