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Walter Vogel : Leica Hall of Fame. Honouring one of the greats of German reportage... mehr
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Walter Vogel: Leica Hall of Fame. Honouring one of the greats of German reportage photography: Walter Vogel has been inducted into the Leica Hall of Fame for his life’s work

Robin Hinsch: Jìndù. The future is happening now! A 23-day journey took the photographer to eight of China’s high-tech megacities

Tommaso Protti: Terra Vermelha. The Carmignac Award-winner documented the conflicts in the Brazilian Amazon region in ruthless black and white images

Herlinde Koelbl: Seismic Precision. German living rooms, target ranges and portraits: a glimpse at Herlinde Koelbl’s oeuvre on the occasion of her 80th birthday

Tuan Anh Le: The Stranger. A photographic meditation on the relationship between humanity and the landscape, and a journey in search of one’s own self

LOBA 2019: The winner of the 2019 Leica Oskar Barnack Award is Mustafah Abdulaziz, while the newcomer award goes to Nanna Heitmann. An overview of both the winners and the finalists

F/STOP: Leica SL2 | Interview Stefan Daniel (2) | Special Editions

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