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Table of Contents: Micha Bar-Am : Leica Classic. The Magnum photographer is known as the... mehr
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Table of Contents:

Micha Bar-Am: Leica Classic. The Magnum photographer is known as the “Eye of Israel”. A tribute on the occasion of Micha Bar-Am’s 90th birthday

Peter Bialobrzeski: Give my Regards to Elizabeth.Published thirty years later, the photographer’s graduate piece offers deep insight into England during the Margaret Thatcher era

Sven Zellner: Denjiin Myanga. Daily life for six siblings in the wild Denjiin Myanga settlement on the outskirts of Ulaanbataar, the capital of Mongolia

Alexandre Chamelat: Litósfera. This series of surreal images was produced during long hikes through the volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands

Mikhail Kirakosyan: We are like them. The Moscow Zoo was closed during the lockdown, giving the photographer all the time in the world to capture his touching animal portraits

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