LFI Issue 6 | 2020 EN

LFI Issue 6 | 2020 EN
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Table of contents: Nikita Teryoshin : Backyard Diaries. A different type of S photography:... mehr
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Table of contents:

Nikita Teryoshin: Backyard Diaries. A different type of S photography: the Berlin photographer uncovers the hidden world of urban street cats

Christopher de Béthune: Salad Days. Two people confined to a small apartment for 65 days – de Béthune captures a romantic and poetic side to the lockdown

Fulvio Bugani: Guajiro. Bugani, a city person who also has strong memories of his grandparents’ country lifestyle, discovered his own personal paradise in rural Cuba

Franck Bohbot: Forever Young. A world painted in pastels: summer days in a futuristic-looking water park spark memories of adolescence

Michael Friedel: Leica Classic. A cover photo for Spiegel when he was just 21 – Friedel was in high demand as a photographer during the early years of the German Federal Republic

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