Leica S-Adapter H

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With the new S-H adapter allows all lenses of the Hasselblad H-system use of the Leica S2.... more
Product information "Leica S-Adapter H"

With the new S-H adapter allows all lenses of the Hasselblad H-system use of the Leica S2.


The Leica S-H adapter, Leica Camera introduces a new accessory for the medium format Leica S system. In conjunction with the adapter allows all lenses of the Hasselblad H-system and use of the Leica S2. All the features like auto focus, auto iris and central locking are supported. The intelligent electronics of the adapter ensures full integration of the lenses in the Leica S-system.

The Hasselblad H-system consists of eleven central shutter lenses from 28 mm to 300 mm focal length. Since S2 is equipped with a dual locking system - users can use the main switch of the camera between the "focal plane shutter" (frames per second, focal plane shutter) or select the "Central shutter" (CS, central lock) - Photographers are now a number of additional objectives for available with which to expand the capabilities of the Leica S-system.

Also, users of the Hasselblad H-system benefit from using the new adapter. For, in conjunction with the S2 can also expand the application range of Hasselblad H lenses. Thus, the H-lenses by the dual locking system of the Leica S2 can now be used with focal plane shutter to 1/4000s. The image sensor of the camera, in conjunction with the Leica "Maestro" perfect high-performance image processor and low-noise images up to ISO 1250th.

In addition to the DNG file format S2 is a direct link to the workflow software Adobe Lightroom 4 and a smooth transition is provided in Adobe Photoshop. The special-made Leica lens correction profiles for both programs support the photographers here, get the most from the H lenses. Even with longer shoots with high frame rate using the S2 is due to their low power consumption advantage. The optional Multi Power Battery Pack provides S with separate controls for vertical shooting, in particular for the optimal operation of the camera.