Cuba Workshop mit Fulvio Bugani - The revolutionary island: lights, colors, people

11. Dezember - 19. Dezember 2022

Become part of an extraordinary 9-days workshop in Cuba with Leica Ambassador Fulvio Bugani from December 11 - December 19, 2022.

In its 15th edition, this intense 9 days traveling workshop will bring you to colonial style towns, from Havana to Trinidad, discovering the wonderful lights and colors of Cuba - An exciting photographic journey to discover the magic of Cuba, the timeless island.

The Participants will follow an intensive hands-on program during this 9 days workshop in Cuba with the award winning photographer Fulvio Bugani.
This workshop will help to learn how to observe and capture the world around you and realize a reportage through street photography and intimate portraits.

Fulvio has been traveling through Cuba for more than 14 years. He knows the Island, is very well connected and has made lots of friends there.
Our aim is that participants can experience Cuba truly and genuinely, interacting as much as possible with locals.

Cuba is a very colorful and diverse country and has a lot more to offer than many assume. To grasp its facets you have to go beyond its irresistible attractions and catch what lies below the surface, by diving into the crowd, letting yourself be carried away by the throbbing everyday life, experiencing Cuban multi-ethnicity and cultural diversity.
You will be overwhelmed by the pulsing, savory mix of freedom and closure, of passionate revolution and melancholic resignation.

The strong deep shadows, on the contrary, are used as imaginary presences to show the elusive side of the island. A kind of “other world”, which is difficult to grasp, since it isn't visible to everyone but always present.
Lights and shadows are therefore metaphors to represent the mystery and complexity of Cuba.

The experience
9 days of socio-cultural reportage on a magical island, to learn its history and fervent culture.

Main Goal
Learn how to interact with subjects, how to manage various light conditions, how to communicate through colors and find a personal vision.

The workshop is open to students of photography, advanced amateurs or professional photographers.

Registration & Program